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Exceeded my expectations, really tremendously helpful, and gave me insight I hadn't thought of. Excellent service.

Patrick, Malpractice Client

The Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) of the Pima County Bar Association is a public service to help you find a qualified lawyer who has experience with your particular type of legal issue.

We have a panel of experienced lawyers in many areas of law. All LRS lawyers must be a member in good standing with the State Bar of Arizona (the licensing authority for lawyers), and must be experienced in the area(s) of law of which they receive referrals. There are several good reasons to turn to LRS and clients often find it helpful.

For a non-refundable fee of $35 due at the time of the referral, LRS will provide you with a licensed attorney who will provide you with a 30-minute consultation (either in-person or over the phone - your choice). During this time, the attorney will offer:

  • Information and Legal Advice.
  • An opinion as to whether a lawyer can be of help with your concern.
  • A fee estimate for further services or representation (if necessary).

What our clients have to say

Very helpful, compassionate, empathetic, and professional. Can't fix what's not broken! So nice, so easy, and you guys are above and beyond what I expected.


Family law client

I give you a 10+. Doing an awesome job and really helping me so much. Wonderful and helpful. You guys helped me so much! If it weren't for you sending me to my attorney, I don't know what I would've done. Thank you a million times over!


Business law client

Empathetic, so kind, so helpful, and very, very knowledgeable. Thank you, thank you .... you saved me.


Probate law client

How it works

Find a lawyer online or call us at (520) 623-4625 to speak with an LRS Operator.

Pay a $35 non-refundable referral fee and receive the name, phone number, and address of a licensed, experienced attorney.

Call the attorney to schedule the 30-minute consultation.

Any concerns? Please contact the LRS Coordinator at
(520) 623-4625 or send an email to

Are you interested in reduced fee help?

The Qualified Income Legal Team (QUILT) Modest Means Program was designed to help individuals who are "too rich" for free legal services and "too poor" to afford regular attorney fees. For these individuals, who qualify financially, QUILT offers legal representation at a reduced rate.

If you are interested in the QUILT Modest Means Program, you must contact the LRS coordinator at (520) 623-4625 or send an email to

Learn more about the QUILT Modest Means Program