Limited Scope Representation
in Family Law

Today, a growing number of individuals (known as "Pro se" or "self-litigants") are choosing to navigate the legal system and take care of their legal matters themselves as a means to save money on legal fees.

Limited Scope Representation (also known as "unbundled legal services"), is a way for those who are trying take care of their legal matter themselves to get help from an attorney with part of their case while they do part of it themselves.

With limited scope representation, you and your attorney are working as a team, and fees are determined by the tasks the attorney performs. Some of the tasks performed by attorneys can include:

  • Advice and General Directions only
  • Document Review & Analysis
  • Document Preparation
  • Court Appearances
  • Negotiations/Mediation
  • Legal Research
  • Responding to Discovery
  • Orders of Protection

With limited scope representation, it is important for the client and attorney to clearly understand what part each person is handling and exactly when that part is completed. Using one attorney who will become familiar with your situation instead of paying different attorneys each time you need help is highly recommended. A detailed checklist and agreement outling the arrangement is most beneficial and strongly encouraged.

The Lawyer Referral Service of the Pima County Bar can help with referrals to attorneys who have indicated they will take limited scope cases ― ONLY IN FAMILY LAW CASES at this time. To learn more, contact the LRS program at (520) 623-4625 and say you'd like more information about limited scope representation in family law.

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