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Real Comments by Real LRS Clients

“Very helpful, compassionate, empathetic, and professional. Can't fix what's not broken! So nice, so easy, and you guys are above and beyond what I expected.”

Clinton (Family Law client)

“I give you a 10+. Doing an awesome job and really helping me so much. Wonderful and helpful. You guys helped me so much! If it weren't for you sending me to my attorney, I don't know what I would've done. Thank you a million times over!”

John (Business Law client)

“I give you a 10+. Really fantastic! I could say 100 things that are great about him. You guys are so nice and provide a truly wonderful service. Life-saver!”

Misti (Criminal Law client)

“He was really great and incredible. I never thought a lawyer could be like that, so nice and helpful. He really wanted to help! Your service really saved our lives! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!”

Teresa (Family Law client)

“Was excellent, very personable, took a genuine interest in me, and didn't feel pressured to retain her, which was good. Great service, definitely telling my friends about you!”

Debra (Neglience & Personal Injury Law client)

“Empathetic, so kind, so helpful, and very, very knowledgeable. Thank you, thank you ... you saved me.”

Mary (Probate law client)

“Exceeded my expectations, really tremendously helpful, and gave me insight I hadn't thought of. Excellent service.”

Patrick (Malpractice Law client)

“Everything was great. I'm really happy with everything.”

Richard (Business Law client)

“Very helpful, very nice, very professional and a good listener (something I wasn't expecting)..”

Lisa (Real Estate Law client)

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