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Let the Pima County Bar's Lawyer Referral Service help you grow your practice with client referrals.

PCBA's Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) has been connecting prospective clients to attorneys since 1956. In addition to offering an important public service, LRS is a great forum for attorneys seeking opportunities to build their practice. Lawyers are needed in all areas of law.

Why join as an attorney panelist?

  • LRS refers over 3,500 clients each year to LRS attorney panelists;
  • By answering a growing public need and providing clients with a full 30-minute consultation, LRS attorneys help enhance the image of all attorneys;
  • While some cases may be modest, good client relations may result in repeat business and personal recommendations;
  • As a LRS attorney, you are helping PCBA's efforts to assist the public at large in a significant way.

For a pre-paid referral fee, LRS clients receive an attorney consultation up to 30 minutes. During the consultation, the attorney provides: (1) information & advice, (2) an opinion as to whether a lawyer can be of help with the client's concerns, and (3) a fee estimate for further services or representation (if needed). Some LRS client-attorney interactions only entail the given 30 minutes, while others become legal cases, in which the attorney continues to work with the client at a regular or determined fee between that attorney and client. LRS attorneys help with several different legal areas.

How to join

  1. Please take the time to review the LRS Program policies, which contact information about LRS attorney requirements, practices, and procedures. LRS Program Policies
  2. Complete and return the LRS Attorney Application to the LRS program. You can fax it to (520) 623-9772, email it to, or mail it to: LRS Program, PO Box 2189, Tucson, AZ 85702. LRS Panelist Application
  3. Note: If you are a Family Law attorney, who would also like to assist with Limited Scope Representation, please complete the additional form below and return it to the LRS Program. (Limited Scope Representation is only available with Family Law cases at this time.) Limited Scope LRS Atty App

If you have any questions, please contact Brenda at (520) 623-8258 or

$35 for a 30-minute consultation from a qualified, local lawyer.

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