QUILT Modest Means Program

The Qualified Income Legal Team (QUILT) "Modest Means" Program was designed to help individuals & families who are "too rich" for free legal services and "too poor" to afford regular attorney fees by offering help with legal representation at a reduced fee with local attorneys who are members in good standing of the State Bar of Arizona (the licensing authority for lawyers).

Important Info About QUILT

  1. If you have a civil case: We encourage you to first check with the Southern Arizona Legal Aid at (520) 623-9461. If you have a criminal or DUI case: check with the Pima County Office of Court-Appointed Counsel at (520) 724-4465 to see if you qualify for their programs.
  2. The QUILT Modest Means Program is not a free legal service. There is a $30 application/referral fee at the time you apply and you are responsible for paying the reduced attorney fees that apply to your specific case. To participate in the QUILT program, you must meet the financial eligility guidelines.
  3. The QUILT proram can assist with the following types of cases:
    • Civil cases: Divorce, foreclosure, general civil litigation, guardianship, landlord/tenant matters.
    • Criminal cases: Criminal misdemeanors and DUI cases.

Financial Eligibility Guidelines

Criminal Cases (Misdemeanors, DUIs)
Size of Household Monthly Income
1 $2,609 - $3,660
2 $3,438 - $4,272
3 $4,329 - $5,163
4 $5,220 - $6,054
5 $6,111 - $6,945
6 $7,002 - $7,836
7 $7,893 - $8,727
8+ $8,784 - $9,618

Civil Cases (Divorce, Foreclosure, Guardianship, General Civil Litigation, and Landlord / Tenant)
Size of household Maximum Monthly Income
1 $2,833
2 $3,841
3 $4,909
4 $5,879
5 $6,849
6 $7,817
7 $8,789
8+ $9,667

How it Works

Call LRS at (520) 623-4625. The operator will provide you with further details. You may also complete and return the appropriate Client Eligibility Form mentioned in Step 2 below.

Please note this is a phone service. Due to limited staff, we cannot accept walk-ins. The operator DOES NOT provide legal advice.

Complete and submit the appropriate Client Eligibility Form with the $30 non-refundable application/referral fee. The financial eligibility requirements needed to qualify for the QUILT program are provided with the forms. If you need it, we can send you a copy of the Client Eligibility Form by email, fax, or mail.

The $30 application/referral fee must be included with the Client Eligibility Form. We accept checks and money orders (made payable to PCBA), or you can pay with Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express (put credit card information on the form).

There are two ways to return the completed form and payment:

  • By fax: (520) 623-9772 (credit card payments only)
  • By mail: Send to PCBA-QUILT Program, P.O. Box 2189, Tucson, AZ 85702-2189.

Civil Case -- Client Eligibility Form Criminal Case -- Client Eligibility Form

We will contact you by phone within two (2) business days after we receive your application and payment. If approved, we will provide you with the name and contact information of an attorney who will provide a free initial consultation.

You will need to call the attorney to schedule the initial consultation. It is your responsibility to make these arrangements. The attorney fees and payment will be discussed during the consultation. If you have any concerns, please contact us at 623-4625.

Call to see if you qualify for reduced-fee legal help under the QUILT Modest Means Program.

Monday - Friday

9:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.